Having problems renting or buying because you have a pet?

We can help. We specialize in helping families with pets live together.


Pet Friendly Real Estate NYC (“PFRNYC) is a residential real estate agency that specializes in working with buyers and renters who are having difficulty in finding a property because the buildings either have a strict “no pet” policy, or size and/or breed limitations.

We are experts in federal housing laws that enable people to have their pets live with them no matter what the building rules or policies may be.

Not everyone qualifies for this federal protection, but it’s quite possible that you, or someone in your family will qualify.


The law that creates the right for you to live with your pet is the Fair Housing Act of 1973 (FHA). It was passed to prevent discrimination in housing. Originally intended to prevent discrimination based on race, it has gradually expanded to include discrimination based on physical and emotional disabilities.

If you, or any member of your family, would suffer significant emotional distress as a result of not being able to have your pet live with you, it’s quite possible that you will qualify for this protection.


The qualifying process is a lot like getting pre-qualified for a mortgage.

When you call our office we’ll ask you a few questions to get a sense of whether or not your situation is likely to comply with the FHA. We’ll answer any questions you have about the process. If we both feel it would be productive to go forward, we’ll arrange for you (and your family) to meet with a licensed psychotherapist. The purpose of this meeting is to determine whether you or someone in your family would qualify under the FHA regarding pet-restrictive policies.

If the therapist determines that either you or your family member qualify for protection under under the FHA, you are essentially pre-qualified. We will then help you find an apartment of your choice, even in buildings that don’t allow pets or have pet-restrictive policies. When the time comes for you to put in an offer or complete a transaction, the therapist will provide all the necessary documentation to allow you to live with your pet.


Please know that this is not a scam or some sketchy operation. We are serious real estate professionals who have helped hundreds of people nationwide to live with their pets in buildings that don’t ordinarily permit owners or tenants to have pets.

The therapists with whom you’ll be working are all licensed mental health professionals who will make their assessments based on the information you (or your family member) provide during the interview. If you or your family member qualify under the federal guidelines that would enable you to have your pet live with you, they will provide all documentation necessary to allow you to buy or rent wherever you would like to live.

There is an exception, however. The FHA is not likely to work if you are attempting to buy in a cooperative building that has pet restrictions. While federal law prohibits discrimination based on medical or psychological needs, co-op boards can generally deny a buyer for any number of arbitrary reasons. It would be virtually impossible to prove that the reason for denial was based on your need to live with a pet. As a result, we therefore have to limit our service to prospective buyers and renters who are seeking to reside in condominium buildings or rent in non-cooperative buildings.


A majority of the major real estate brokerage companies in NYC rely on their relationships with developers and management companies for listings. They are concerned that if they work with customers who are seeking to live with their pets in buildings owned or managed by these developers and/or management companies, it will have a negative impact on their relationships.

PFRNYC has no such concerns. After we meet, if you decide to engage our services, we ask you to enter into a Buyer Agent Agreement with us. By working exclusively with us, we will focus on your needs and be happy to show you any property on the market. During the term of our agreement, if you choose to work with another broker, all you have to do is inform them of our agreement and have them acknowledge our participation in the transaction. Either way, once you are “pre-approved” you and your pet can be assured of being able to buy or rent in the building of your choice.


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